About City Architectural Model and Maquette Making Company

We provide you realistic embodiment of your architectural ideas

City Scale for architectural scale Models and Maquettes is the pioneer of scale models industry in the Middle East and North Africa
In the year 1998, City scale has been launched to become one of biggest companies for Maquettes fabricating in the world…. conformed to the international quality standards and using the latest technology trends and finest raw materials for production of numerous of architectural and engineering scale models in various fields (Residential - Commercial - Cultural - Industrial - Health - Educational - transportation …)

City Scale has acquired the global ISO certificate in 2019, and numerous of domestic and international certificates, experience certificates and accomplishment of business
City Scale has executed more than 1,200 scale models and Maquettes to more than 22 countries around the world... City Scale is also distinguished by the largest work team in the Middle East (Engineers - Administrators - Specialized technicians...)

- The biggest scale model in the Middle East Kima Aswan factories project (8 Meter*10 Meter)
- The tallest scale model in the Middle East (The Egyptian Iconic Tower with high 3.5 Meter)
- Most more scale model with mechanical movements and Properties (The Islamic exhibition in Pakistan - 7 mechanical movements controlled by mobile application)


We are the top first inspiring to help our customers using the technology and the innovation to declare their projects and products in a modern impressive way


Manifestation the design idea with miniature model very detailed to help our customers marketing their projects anywhere through our innovative products with variety of options, using the modern technology

Team Work

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